Tuesday, January 19, 2021

This seems fine.



  1. “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Vladimir Lenin
    History repeats itself in the attempt. Maybe not the outcome. We are exceptional. That might make a difference.

    1. You're gawddamn right we're exceptional. The common criminals masquerading as a representative government forgot that little fact for a moment. It sure is fun watching them cower behind people they fear in that gilded cage of their own creation, though. They seem to be remembering.... Too late, no quarter.

  2. AS I have always said of cnn after they became a parrot of communism. cnn= CONSTANT NUMB NUTTS!

  3. A senile corrupt pedophile and a literal whore.... When the killin starts, I hope Americans are thorough and don't forget all the pieces of shit who worked so hard to make subversion of our electoral process a reality. I'm not interested in "unity" with lying pieces of shit who've spent the last 4 years accusing me and mine of every heinous thing they themselves are guilty of. DIE leftist vermin, poorly and painfully.

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