Friday, September 24, 2021

Please allow me to present Ms. Hillary Wang.



  1. Well when you start a collection sometimes you get a little carried away. I'm like that with ammo.

  2. Forget the dick pics. If she want's more I'll send her some.

    I'm concerned that the other 39999 employees are doing the same thing. The outcome i'd like from this case is that EVERY man who's dick pict is included in her collection has to be notified, in person, by a U.S. government employee.

    1. Also, if any of them were from men under 18, then she gets charged with posession of child pornorgraphy for each image. Once that trial is complete, all of those men should petition the court to get the NSA itself charged with child pornography.

  3. I am wondering if she ever saw one in the flesh. That is the proverbial homely 5th grader.